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Zintro is an expert network headquartered in Boston, MA. The firm delivers regular expert network services primarily to US-based clients, with a team primarily based in the Philippines, thus keeping operating costs lower than entirely US-based peers. Zintro has a public website where it posts part of the projects it covers. Experts can apply to these projects and pitch their own relevance. According to the website, Zintro has a database of 150,000 curated experts around the world.

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The DeepBench expert network was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Boston. It operates a few different expert network business models. It closed down early 2024.

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Arbolus is an expert network headquartered in London, UK and Barcelona, Spain. It offers projects ranging from 1h expert calls to multi-month consulting projects.

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CleverX is an expert network based in Toronto, Canada. CleverX was founded in 2017 as an DIY marketplace expert network by a former Gartner manager.

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