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Expert Network directory

Expert Network Directory

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This is an addition to a previous article on the market size of expert networks, listing all expert networks that we identify.

An expert network specializes in finding experts for clients to interact with. The associates working at an expert network use multiple sources across the web, to assess which individuals are most knowledgeable about any given topic.

Only about 50% of all websites are in English, and 25% of internet users speak English as first language. This leaves ample room for expert networks to carve out niches by language region. Industry verticals are another niche dimension, with some networks focusing on e.g. Healthcare or TMT.

Each expert network is listed below, with a short description of their specialization where applicable. For clarifications on the categories, see our article about how expert networks operate. For comments, questions or corrections on your expert network, please contact us.

Standard expert networks

Name HQ Comment
Acoi Expert Network Brazil Focused on Brazil, possibly inactive
Africa Expert Network USA Focused on the African continent
AlphaSights UK One of the larger expert networks
Apex Leaders USA Boutique firm, also offering HR/recruitment
Atheneum Germany One of the larger expert networks
Atrium USA Started late 2018, also developing a DIY Marketplace
Avalon la Red de Expertos Spain Focused on Spain and Latin America
Bioexpert Network Spain Focused on biotech, pays investment credits
Business Connect China China Focused on China
Candour UK Focused on the Energy sector
Capvision China Focused on China
Catalant USA Former HourlyNerd, also offers staffing
Coleman USA One of the larger expert networks USA Started in 2018
DeMatteo Research USA One of the oldest networks, today medium-sized
Dialectica Greece Founded 2015, has grown rapidly in EU consulting
ENG llc USA One of the larger expert networks
ExpertConnect USA TBD
Experts Networks India Started in 2018
ExpertView UK TBD
Flexingit India TBD
Futureminds Consulting India TBD
GLG USA The first and largest expert network
Guidepoint USA One of the larger expert networks
Infollion India TBD
Infomineo Morocco Focused on the Middle East and Africa
Innoscape France TBD
Insight Alpha India TBD
iResearch Services China Started in 2018
Kingfish Group USA TBD Hong Kong One of the larger expert networks
Maven Research USA May be inactive
Mosaic Research USA Offers a range of research services
Network of Experts USA TBD
Noble Insights USA Small boutique
Nordic Knowledge Partners Denmark Focused on the Nordics
ORC International (Engine US) USA Possibly inactive
Presans France Focused on corporate clients
Primary Insight USA Formerly in-house at Bear Stearns, J.P. Morgan
Pro-Matrix & Co China Focused on China, various HR services
Ridgetop Research USA Medium-sized network
Silverlight research UK Founded Nov-17, has grown quickly since
Speakin India TBD
Tegus USA Small boutique
Third Bridge UK One of the larger expert networks
TMT Expert Network Poland Focused on Technology, Media and Telecom
TransGlobal Insight UK TBD
Vedak India TBD
visasQ Japan Specialized on Japan
Workvi Experts Sweden Focused on the Nordics
XpertConnect Singapore Possibly inactive
Xperts Council France Medium-sized network

Alternative business models

Name HQ Comment USA Expert Q&A
Bridger USA Expert network using freelancers to recruit the experts
Chime Advisors UK Machine-driven USA DIY Marketplace, focused on startups
CognitionX UK DIY Marketplace, focused on AI questions Poland DIY Marketplace, did an ICO 2018, possibly inactive
Knowers UK DIY Marketplace, likely inactive
LinkToExpert USA DIY Marketplace
Monocl Sweden Machine-driven, focused on medical experts, KOLs
NewtonX USA Machine-driven
OnFrontiers USA DIY Marketplace, focused on emerging markets
Pochmak USA DIY Marketplace
ProSapient UK Machine-driven USA DIY Marketplace, started late 2018
Slingshot Insights USA Offers crowd-funded expert calls
Techspert UK Machine-driven, recently pivoted into expert calls
Xperiti Israel Machine-driven, started 2018
Yegii Norway DIY knowledge search engine
Zintro USA DIY Marketplace