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Business Connect China (BCC)

Business Connect China (BCC) is an expert network based in Shanghai, China. The company was founded in 2008 dedicated to recruiting experts in China for international clients.

In 2010, BCC arranged a partnership with Maven Research. The ambition was for Maven’s primarily US-based clients to access BCC’s expert network.

In 2011, the expert network JC Moritz was founded by former BCC employees.

In 2011, BCC acquired Circle of Experts from Evalueserve.

Over the years, BCC has used the names AGI (Astute Global Infoservice) and Advantus Global, however its main name remains Business Connect China.

Visit the company website here.


Capvision is one of the larger expert networks. It was founded in 2006 by former Bain & Company consultants. Capvision is the largest expert network based in China. The bulk of its clients are Chinese firms, although the firm has been successful in serving US-based firms researching Chinese markets. The firm had early success with serving international mutual funds, becoming a preferred partner for Chinese experts. It has since branched into other segments (e.g. corporates, private equity and hedge funds).

The company originally focused specifically on sourcing experts within China, but has since expanded globally. It currently has offices in New York, Shanghai, Munich, Hong Kong, Osaka, and Beijing and offers both expert calls, surveys and corporate access services.

Capvision cubs

  • In 2015, former Capvision and GLG managers founded the expert network Liahnson & Company in Seoul, South Korea.
  • In 2018, former managers founded the machine-driven expert network Linker Intel in Shanghai.


The company was featured in our expert network benchmarking from June-July 2018. Inex One identified Capvision as a regional champion in our review of the 2019 expert network market size. Regional champions have a particularly strong foothold in their respective regions, while typically also offering global services.

Visit the official website here.



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CIC expert network

The CIC expert network (China Insights Consultancy) is an expert network and consulting company focused on China. It was founded in 2014 by former directors at the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Their focus and growth in recent years point to a further fragmentation of the expert network industry. We discuss fragmentation versus consolidation of the expert network industry in this blog post.

The CIC expert network says they have over 50,000 experts in their database.

Visit the company’s website here.


Started in 2018

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JC Moritz

JC Moritz is an expert network headquartered in Shanghai, China. It was founded in 2011 with former managers from Business Connect China.

JC Moritz offers various research services, including expert network services. The company has a historic focus on the healthcare/ pharma/ medtech industry in China

Visit the company’s website here.

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Linker Intel

Linker Intel is an expert network based in Shanghai, China. Linked Intel was founded in 2018 by former managers at Capvision.

Linker Intel applies a machine-driven business model, scraping and analyzing large sets of data.

Read about different expert network models, or visit the company’s website.

Promatrix & Co

Promatrix & Co is an expert network headquartered in Beijing, China. Promatrix was founded in 2012 and offers a range of HR and recruitment services along with expert calls. The company is focused on recruiting in China.

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Six Degrees Intelligence

Six Degrees Intelligence is an expert network based in Hangzhou, China. Former managers at Third Bridge founded the firm in 2017 and grown it quickly.

Six Degrees Intelligence operates a standard expert network model.

As of December 2019, Six Degrees has the funkiest website of all expert networks.

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Zebra Insights
Hong Kong

Zebra Insights is an expert network based in Hong Kong. The company started in 2012 as Asia Business Development Group and rebranded to Zebra Insights in 2017.

Zebra is focused on recruiting APAC experts for asset managers. It has offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Mumbai.

Visit the company website here.