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Atheneum was founded in 2010 by former consultants from L.E.K. and Kaiser Associates. It gained strong presence in Germany and central Europe and is today one of the larger expert networks. According to our expert interviews, the company makes the bulk of revenues in Europe and primarily serves strategy consulting firms.

In 2015, Atheneum raised €10m from Vogel Business Media, a German publishing company.

In September 2018, the firm raised another €10m from Crosslantic Capital Management, a German growth capital firm.

In August 2019, the firm announced an updated offering: Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) is the name for the combination of (1) expert calls, (2) custom reports and (3) expert recruitment for longer-term projects. In conjunction with this, the firm appointed a new CTO to drive the adoption of machine learning in the expert recruitment process. The CTO had previously co-founded Chime Advisors, a machine-driven expert network.

Atheneum was featured in our expert network benchmarking from June-July 2018. Inex One identified Atheneum as a regional champion in our review of the 2019 expert network market size. Regional champions have a particularly strong foothold in their respective regions, while typically also offering global services.

Images showing the 10 cities where Atheneum has offices

Atheneum has offices in 10 locations: Berlin (HQ), London, New York, Santiago De Chile, Lahore, Shanghai, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Munich.



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Expertpowerhouse is an expert network headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. Expert powerhouse started in 2016, led by a former BCG consultant. It specializes on recruiting experts in German-speaking countries (DACH). Expert powerhouse operates a standard expert network model.

Visit the expertpowerhouse website here.