Coleman Research is a medium-sized expert network founded in 2003. It operates a standard expert network model and focuses on buy-side firms.

The company has offices in New York, Raleigh, Boston, San Francisco, London and Hong Kong.

Coleman Research company background

The founder of Coleman Research has a background at Multex, a financial information service launched in the dot-com wave of 1999. He shares this background with the founder at Ridgetop Research.

In 2017, some Coleman employees left to set up the Prosapient expert network.

Coleman Research’s Expert Management System (EMS)

At Inex One, we are particularly intrigued by Coleman Research’s latest move. They built a tool that bears resemblance to the Inex One Expert Management System.

Coleman Research - Expert Management System screenshot
Screenshot from the Coleman EMS


Coleman faced a strategic dilemma between investing in its profitable expert network services, and developing an EMS that risks cannibalizing its core expert network business. The pivot towards serving expert networks seems reasonable. Whichever the outcome, we are excited about their move towards aggregation.

Expert Management Systems create transparency and efficiency in the industry. Therefore, they are a logical next step in the history of expert networks. In addition, they’re valuable to the users – here’s how a bank saved >40% on expert network costs by using the Inex One EMS.


Coleman Research featured in our expert network benchmarking from June-July 2018. We identified Coleman as a regional champion in our review of the 2019 expert network market size. Visit the company website here.

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