Prosapient started in 2018 as a machine-driven expert network. Prosapient has its headquarter in London and a technical development team in the Ukraine. One co-founder and multiple employees previously worked at Coleman Research. The company has grown with a low-cost offering, selling both expert calls and surveys. It has raised funds from angel investors, raising £1.3m in 2017 and £2m in 2019. Consequently, the funding rounds led to the company having 55 shareholders (many of which are employees at potential client firms).

The Prosapient expert network is one of the handful of firms outright stating they use AI and machine learning in their work. Other such “machine-driven expert networks” include XperitiNewtonXENG llc, CleverX, and Atheneum (after its acquisition of Chime Advisors).

Prosapient was featured in our expert network benchmarking in June-July 2018. We identified Prosapient as a regional challenger in our review of the 2019 expert network market size. Regional challengers are separated from other smaller expert networks by merit of their growth and/or business model.

In late 2019, Prosapient announced that it will be launching an expert network aggregator. From Inex One, we watch this with interest.

We analyzed the machine-driven business model in our AI deepdive from 2019: AI and expert networks. The article discusses the evolution of expert networks and the pros&cons of using machine learning/ statistical models. Visit Prosapient’s website here or read more about different expert network models here.

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Max Friberg

Max has a background in management consulting with McKinsey & Company and Oliver Wyman FS. Prior to co-founding Inex One, he ran the expert network Previro.