Frequently asked questions FAQ - Inex One

Frequently Asked Questions – Clients

Our clients include investment funds, strategy consultants and corporates, seeking specialized insights from worldwide experts.

What is Inex One?

Inex One is a cloud-based Expert Management System (EMS) that allows professionals to manage interactions with different expert networks within one single platform. Manage expert profiles, schedule calls, follow up on billing and communicate with expert networks in one place.

Can I use Inex One to collaborate with my current expert networks?

Yes, you can use the EMS to manage projects with your current vendors. Simply invite your expert network to the platform, and experience a smoother, simpler and more efficient way of handling expert calls.

How long does it take to get started?

The Inex One EMS is a cloud based platform, and setting up an account is done in a couple of minutes.

What is the Approved Network Program (ANP)?

The Approved Network Program (ANP) gives you access to experts from pre-vetted expert networks directly in the EMS. Enjoy the selection of a range of expert network suppliers, and the flexibility of paying per consultation without any up-front fees.

Can I access billing history from all my networks in the EMS?

Yes, the EMS shows the date, time, and cost of all completed calls scheduled within the platform. This makes it easy to track costs, stay on budget and manage reporting, also when using multiple networks.