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The Inex One Expert Network Marketplace is the world’s first marketplace for expert network services.

Join to get immediate access to PE and hedge funds, strategy consultants and corporates, seeking specialized insights from worldwide experts.

Flexible setup

Let the Marketplace become a considerable sales channel or just a source of additional revenue.

Streamlined workflow

Update expert profiles and availability as you go, and rest assure the client always has the latest information.

Unique data

Gain a better understanding of your clients’ consumption patterns and usage of your services.

Membership application

The Marketplace is open to expert networks that have passed Inex One’s screening on quality, compliance and service. The screening process has been developed in close collaboration with Karin Wannerud, Former Research Manager at EQT Partners and Investor AB.

We are currently accepting applications, and welcome Expert Networks to apply for Marketplace membership.

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Built in compliance

Efficient collaboration is dependent on secure communication. Inex One’s advanced security features and compliance processes ensure that your data is securely stored.


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