Hedge funds & Asset managers

Access exclusive insights

Why rely on stagnant databases when working on projects that require updated expertise? Access unique insights from trusted industry experts and advisors, sourced by Inex One's specialized expert network partners.

Gain a competitive advantage, and execute decisions faster.


Find true alpha

Work with the world's best regional and specialized networks - enjoy access to exclusive advisors.

On-demand flexibility

Engage one or several networks, and scale sourcing power as needed.

Compliance control

Fully adaptable, automated compliance checks at every step.

Quality on demand

We know that you are dependent on proprietary knowledge to gather strategic insights, assess value and mitigate risk.

The expert networks in the Inex One Marketplace custom recruit industry expertise instead of relying on stagnant databases, making sure you access the right knowledge at the right time.


Compliance teams benefit from using the Inex One platform to monitor their firm’s primary research in real time.

Through our compliance dashboard, compliance teams can implement custom compliance procedures and handle their entire compliance workflow for all networks, in one place.


Inex One insights

Keep up-to-date with the latest news, trends and insights into expert networks.