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How do I become an expert on Inex One?
Inex One does not register experts. We're a collaboration platform, not an expert network. Please visit the Blog for advice for experts, or the Expert Network Directory to find expert networks that let experts register with them.
What is a transcript summary?
Key insights are extracted from your calls to generate executive summaries of each expert interview, using AI. The summary is automatically generated and available to you within minutes via email and on Inex One.
What does transcription cost?
Inex One includes high quality AI transcripts and summaries free of charge with every call.
What is audio transcription?
Audio transcription is the process of converting speech from an audio file into written text. At Inex One, it's done using modern LLM AI technology.
Is Inex One an expert network?
PlatformGetting StartedExpert Networks
Inex One is a marketplace and collaboration tool. On Inex One, you can find and work with some of the world's leading expert networks and survey providers, all on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Why should I use specialized expert networks?
Expert Networks
Just think about it this way: You're looking for an expert for a life science project in Japan. Wouldn’t it make sense to use an expert network based out of Japan (that knows the region, where to find candidates and how to approach them), and one that is focused on Life Sciences (and knows the industry dynamics and players in the market) to help you with this request? We think so!
My company already uses another expert network, can we still use Inex One?
PlatformExpert Networks
Absolutely - you can use Inex One as your only knowledge partner, or as a complementary to other networks. In addition to our specialized expert network partners, and free transcripts, we offer a project management tool to keep your team efficient and productive.
How do I invite colleagues?
Getting StartedAccount
When you're logged on to the platform, click on "Team" in the left hand menu, and then click on the "Invite" button. Invite a colleague directly to a project by going to the project landing page, and then click on "Invite", next to "Your team".