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Who uses Inex One?


Consultancy firms save time and reduce inefficiencies by managing all of their expert networks in one dashboard.

Private Equity & Hedge Funds

PE and hedge funds use the expert networks in the Marketplace to find the exact right expertise, just when they need it.


Corporates enjoy the flexibility of pay-per-use in the Marketplace, no matter the size of the project.

SMEs and Startups

More and more SMEs and Startups understand how the right insights can give them an invaluable head start over competition.

Frequently asked questions

Which expert networks can I use?

You can either work with one of the pre-vetted expert networks in the Inex One Marketplace, or you can choose to integrate an expert network that you already have a contract with. Depending on the call volume, we recommend you to use between 2 - 4 expert networks per project.

Best practices

Engaging an expert network

  • Share a detailed project description of your project.
  • Answer early questions over chat or telephone.
  • Chat with expert networks to make sure they stay on-track.
  • Give feedback on presented experts submitted.
  • Keep expert networks updated on the status of the project.
  • Indicate when a project has been completed, by closing it in the system.

Conducting an expert call

  • Build trust by introducing yourself and the specific project.
  • Align on agenda and goals for the call with the expert.
  • Ask open-ended questions, enabling the expert to associate freely.
  • Steer the conversation if the expert is beating around the bush.
  • Wrap up in time - summarize findings and clarify any remaining questions.
  • Ask whether any important pieces have not been covered.
  • Communicate next steps with the expert (will there be another call?)