Be great at investment research
Inex One is used by the best teams on the planet to manage their expert calls.

Inex One

Be great at investment research


No more hassle with expert calls.

With the Expert Management System (EMS), you're in charge of your expert calls. You combine all your networks in one dashboard, with a clear overview of your requests and available experts.

You get a larger pool of experts as more networks are supplying, yet you minimize the hassle in coordinating them. You get clarity on how relevant experts are, and the costs involved.

The team behind Inex One EMS is former consultants, investment professionals and techies, wanting to help users better tap into the world's expertise.




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Larger Pool of experts

In a one-stop-shop, you can engage as many expert networks as you want at zero marginal effort. As multiple networks supply, you get a larger pool of experts to choose from - in a common format.

No Hassle

Forget emailing back-and-forth, parallel lists of experts and getting spammed by different networks. Say things once, and all expert networks get your latest update.

Gold Stars

Expert networks have incentives to over-sell mediocre experts. With Inex One EMS, they are forced to score the experts they present to you, and their performance is analyzed on a firm-wide level.




Inex looks fantastic!
I will definitely use it with my teams.
— Senior Manager, BCG
Inex’s anonymity feature will be a game changer to our deal sourcing.
— M&A Manager, listed industrial products group
This will save so much time for my teams. And money for my client.
— Engagement Manager, McKinsey

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