Inex One vs. Guidepoint

Expert networks are a popular tool to get critical business insights. But how do you choose which expert network is best for you?

Speaking with more than 400 users, we identified that the top decision points are the number and quality of experts, total cost of the service, administrative ease, and compliance features.

Below, you can compare Inex One with Guidepoint. You’ll see how the two platforms stack up across all relevant metrics.

An overview of Inex One and Guidepoint

Inex One is the alternative to Guidepoint.

Inex One is technology firm founded in 2018. The platform aggregates more than 30 expert networks and survey vendors in one place. As an unbiased platform, Inex One enables clients to cast a wide net, access unique experts, and get the best price in the market. Seeing rapid adoption, more than 400 organizations use Inex One as of early 2023.

Guidepoint is an expert network founded in 2003. It operates a standard expert network model and has one of the largest expert network databases in the industry. Once dominant, Guidepoint has seen their global market share drop in the past decade. Guidepoint had more than 1,000 clients in early 2022.

Compare pricing and features: Inex One vs Guidepoint


Inex One



Payment model



Average cost per interview


$1,200/h *


Number of experts

3.5 million

1.4 million

Custom-recruited experts

Specialized expert recruiters



Platform to review experts

Phone and video call options

Team collaboration features


Free call recordings and transcripts


Library of all your past calls and transcripts


One platform to access multiple networks


Platform chat with vendors


Survey platform

Offers surveys

Competitive survey bids from multiple vendors


Efficient collaboration platform for surveys


Search across all your past survey projects


Compliance technology

Compliance team dashboard

Monitor ongoing expert calls

Set custom compliance rules, flags and controls

Best-practice compliance policies embedded

* Guidepoint obscures its true pricing by charging for “credits”. While the price per credit may be lower, Guidepoint routinely charges multiple credits per expert call. This makes the true price higher. For comparison, Inex One’s prices are only quoted in the currency of your choice (USD, EUR, GBP etc.), with median historic prices being $1,050/h. See our explainer on expert network pricing here.

Competitive data on this page was collected as of March 2023 and is subject to change or update. This page is updated from time to time to reflect any material changes.

What the users think

We are proud of having satisfied customers in every client segment.

Public markets

Inex One allows us to efficiently access an expansive network of experts, streamlining our research and due diligence process. Most importantly, they put their customers first with transparent, pay-per-use pricing, a rare concept in the expert network industry.


Tom Bachrach

Principal at PFH Capital

Strategy Consulting

Inex One's expert networks are really fast at providing relevant experts. Also, the platform feels very modern vs. more old-school communication styles like using e-mails or calling people.


Nora Suthoff

Senior Manager Consultant M&A at Deloitte

Private Equity

Being able to work with multiple networks in one platform is great - we save a ton of time. Inex One is now our only expert network provider. We don't need anything else.


Benoît Jacob

Investor at DN Capital

Three reasons to switch to Inex One from Guidepoint

  1. Access unique insights. Why use one expert network when you can have 30? Access insights that your competitors don’t.

  2. Always get the best price. Pay-as-you-go instead of a large prepayment ensures price transparency and value for money.

  3. Simplify your billing process. One invoice per project, no matter how many networks you’ve engaged. The central dashboard gives you control of firm-wide research spending.

Comparing expert networks?

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