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List of sub-processors

To support delivery of our Services, ABL may engage and use sub-contractors and sub-processors. Terms used on this page but not defined have the meaning set forth in the ABL Privacy Policy or superseding written agreement between Customer and ABL, or Expert Network and ABL (the “Agreement“).

What is a sub-processor?

A sub-processor is a third party data processor who has or potentially will have access to certain Service Data (which may contain Personal Data). ABL refers to third parties that do not have access to or process Service Data but who are otherwise used to provide the Services as “sub-contractors” and not sub-processors.

Security and safeguards

ABL uses a commercially reasonable selection process by which it evaluates the security, privacy and confidentiality practices of proposed sub-processors that will or may have access to or process Service Data.

Further, ABL requires its sub-processors to satisfy equivalent obligations as those required from ABL (as a Data Processor) as set forth in ABL’s Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”).

Infrastructure sub-processors

ABL may use the following Sub-processors to host Service Data or provide other infrastructure that supports the delivery of our Services:

Entity namePurposeCorporate headquartersLocation of data processing
Heroku Services (Salesforce)Data storageUSAEU/EEA
Google Inc.Cloud Service ProviderUSAEU/EEA
Amazon Web Services, Inc.Cloud Service ProviderUSAEU/EEA
Twilio, Inc.Cloud-based Video Conferencing Service ProviderUSAEU/EEA
Zoom Video Communications, Inc.Cloud-based Video Conferencing Service ProviderUSAEU/EEA

Service specific sub-processors

ABL works with the sub-processors listed below to provide specific functionality related the Services:

Entity namePurposeCorporate headquarters
AssemblyAI, Inc.Audio transcription serviceUSA
Intercom, Inc.Customer support and messaging toolUSA
OpenAI, L.L.C.Artificial Intelligence Enabled FunctionalityUSA
Sendgrid, IncCloud-based email notification servicesUSA

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