18 Sep 2019

Investment bank reduced ENS cost by >40% with Inex One

By using the expert network aggregator Inex One, DNB has reduced expert network costs by more than 40%. The investment banking division of DNB, a leading Nordic bank, began using Inex One in late 2018 to replace the services of a large expert network.

In addition to cost savings, DNB now gets service from specialized expert networks around the globe. High service means teams get access to the best experts – quickly. The cost savings were achieved through a combination of fewer call credits, and lower costs per call.

"DNB quickly saw the benefits of our service. We have learned a lot from serving this leading investment bank and will continue to develop our service to meet their needs" says Max Friberg, CEO of Inex One.

At Inex One, our clients need the best access to insights for their work. The Inex One system makes sure they get it, fast and efficiently. Expert network costs are increasingly in focus, as the cost and usage is rising. The Inex One system supports the healthy growth of the expert network industry.

DNB and Inex One logos
About DNB

DNB is Norway’s largest financial services group and one of the largest in the Nordic region in terms of market capitalisation. Innovation is astrategic priority to DNBas it helps the bank create the best customer experiences.

Through the investment banking division, DNB offers best-in-class advisory and financing services to its clients. This includes providing strategic advice and raising capital in the global debt and equity markets. Clients are Nordic and international corporations as well as private equity firms. The investment bank is represented in Oslo, Bergen, Stockholm, London, New York, Houston and Singapore. Read more onDNB Investment Banking here.

About Inex One

Inex One reinvents the expert network industry. Our digital platform and marketplace connects leading strategy teams and investment professionals with expert networks across the globe.

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