11 Nov 2022

Inex One launches Survey Platform

The Survey Platform interface

New York, November 11, 2022 - Inex One, the Expert Network Marketplace, today announced the launch of their new Survey Platform. The platform helps investors and strategy professionals connect with multiple relevant survey vendors in one place, and find the best match. This shortens time to insight, and makes it possible to run surveys blazingly fast.

“The Survey Platform saves a ton of time for investors and strategy teams. Traditionally, it has been difficult to find the right vendor for your survey needs, to set up a survey, and to know what costs are reasonable. Inex One matches you with the best survey vendors right away, so you get more time for the actual insights”, said Max Friberg, CEO of Inex One.

Starting November 11, for the first time ever, businesses can use one efficient tool for vendor discovery and survey execution.

The Survey Platform lets clients:

  • Connect and chat with multiple survey vendors

  • Send requests for quotes

  • Receive bids

  • Select the provider that works best for their project needs

  • Execute projects seamlessly, running both surveys and expert calls in one place

To launch a survey, sign up on www.inex.one.

Media Contact:

Max Friberg

CEO, Inex One




About Inex One

Inex One is a digital platform and marketplace that connects leading strategy teams and investment professionals with top specialized expert networks and survey providers across the globe. Clients worldwide use Inex One to manage their primary research efficiently. For more information, visit www.inex.one, or get in touch at info@inex.one.