05 Jun 2023

Survey Multi-Sourcing feature on Inex One

Inex One, the leading marketplace and collaboration tool for expert networks and survey vendors, launches its latest major feature: Survey Multi-Source Capability. This innovative addition enables users to collaborate with multiple providers within the same survey project, unlocking a wealth of research potential and efficiency gains.

In today's fragmented survey landscape, organizations struggle to identify the right survey vendors. Sourcing respondents from multiple panels and vendors often requires handling communications across various channels, creating inefficiencies and complexities, especially for B2B surveys.

Inex One's Multi-Source Capability revolutionizes the survey process by allowing users to seamlessly collaborate with multiple providers within a single project. This solves the pain points faced by customers when running survey projects, and provides a range of benefits:

  • Diverse Insights - By working with multiple survey providers simultaneously, customers gain access to a wealth of diverse knowledge and perspectives.

  • Efficiency and Speed - Inex One’s platform seamlessly coordinates and manages multiple providers on one platform, eliminating the need for manual coordination across different channels.

  • Tailored Flexibility - With the Multi-Source Capability, customers are free to choose survey providers based on expertise, location, language, or specific criteria, ensuring projects are matched with the most suitable providers. 

  • Trusted Quality and Reliability - Inex One is committed to maintaining a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that all providers on the platform meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Customers can have confidence in the expertise and credibility of the survey providers they collaborate with.

The Multi-Source Capability is built into the Inex One platform, and existing customers of Inex One can access the feature today on new and existing projects.

Multi-Sourcing surveys radically improves how survey research is done

Multi-Source Capability opens up a world of possibilities for our customers. They can now leverage the expertise of multiple survey providers simultaneously, gaining diverse insights and streamlining their research process. It's an exciting advancement that empowers users to make more informed decisions”, says Ana Price, Head of Surveys at Inex One.

To experience the power of Multi-Source Capability and unlock the full potential of collaborative surveys, visit https://inex.one/get-started.


About Inex One

Inex One is a digital platform and marketplace that connects leading strategy teams and investment professionals with top specialized expert networks and survey providers across the globe. Clients worldwide rely on the unparalleled user experience of Inex One to manage their expert calls. For more information, visit www.inex.one, or get in touch at info@inex.one.

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Inex One contact information:

Ana Price
Head of Surveys, Inex One
+44 20 4574 6652

Ana Price, Head of Surveys at Inex One