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*Average fee/hour expert call is $950, and $1,100 including "premium" experts. This is ~20% lower than traditional expert networks charge, as they charge multiple credits per hour.
Some clients save >40% on costs. We offer a detailed explainer on expert network pricing here.

Survey pricing varies greatly between scope and type of survey. The Inex One survey platform lets you compare pricing and feasibility quotes from multiple top survey vendors. See more detail on surveys here.

Inex One user feedback

We are proud of having satisfied customers in every client segment.

Public markets

Inex One allows us to efficiently access an expansive network of experts, streamlining our research and due diligence process. Most importantly, they put their customers first with transparent, pay-per-use pricing, a rare concept in the expert network industry.


Tom Bachrach

Principal at PFH Capital

Strategy Consulting

Inex One's expert networks are really fast at providing relevant experts. Also, the platform feels very modern vs. more old-school communication styles like using e-mails or calling people.


Nora Suthoff

Senior Manager M&A at Deloitte

Private Equity

Being able to work with multiple networks in one platform is great - we save a ton of time. Inex One is now our only expert network provider. We don't need anything else.


Benoît Jacob

Investor at DN Capital

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