Expert calls

Global reach, local expertise.

Access 25+ specialized expert networks from across the globe. Get matched with the right vendor for your project.

Vector of a global map

True global coverage.

Why would you work with a network in the US if you’re looking for an expert in Japan? Our expert networks know their markets inside and out. Local connections and language skills enable them to find true expertise, regardless of how niche your project is.

30 networks

+3,500,000 experts

An easier way to reach industry experts.

Expertise to help you achieve better results.

Global reach

We work with more than 25 expert networks across the globe. Whatever the scope and geography of your project is, our partners will know how to find the right experts.

Specialized partners

Doing a project in energy or industrials? Work with a specialized expert network that really gets your project and that has the right contacts.

Custom sourcing

The world is changing fast, and knowledge becomes outdated more quickly than ever. Our expert network partners always custom source experts for every project instead of relying on stagnant databases.

Full flexibility

Speak to the expert over phone or in a video call - you decide. Regardless of which network you work with the call is managed in one place - on Inex One.

Expert calls, simplified.

1. Sign up

Sign up or get in touch with our team to set up your account.

2. Set up the project

Create your project, invite co-workers and select which expert networks to work with.

3. Review profiles

Lean back and have a cup of coffee as you review custom sourced expert profiles. Chat with the networks and schedule calls directly on the platform.

4. Interview experts

Speak with the expert directly on the platform - you decide between audio or video call.

5. Complete the project

Access call transcripts, free of charge. Enjoy easy admin with just one invoice.

For projects of all sizes.

Whether you’re a global strategy consulting firm looking for a custom built solution or a corporate strategy team looking to do a couple of calls, we’ve got the solution for you.

Get smart about primary research.

Powerful project management

Maximize productivity, maintain pipeline visibility and mantain one source of truth.

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Streamline surveys

Connect with multiple survey vendors in one place. Enjoy smooth workflows, price transparency, and all round better service.

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Compliance Tool

Monitor your firm's global expert network usage across all vendors, in real time. See the experts' profiles, biographies and responses to screening questions.

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Transcripts and knowledge management

Get free transcripts with every call. Use them to build an internal knowledge base and transcript library.

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