Run better surveys.

Get matched with the best survey vendor for your project. Inex One ensures you stay on top of execution and get responses in a digestible format.

“Inex One has been a game-changer for us, particularly in the niche B2B survey space. We have more than a dozen firms at our fingertips to help us fill sample among hard-to-reach audiences in a short period of time. The platform is easy to use and their partners' data quality is superb.”
Lynn PellicanoDirector of Market Research at Simon-Kucher & Partners

A simpler way to run surveys

1. Sign up

Get in touch with our team to set up your account.

2. Request a survey

Create your survey project brief, and get matched with vendors.

3. Compare quotes

Compare standardized quotes 
from all vendors, in one place.

4. Select vendor

Accept a quote, invite your colleagues - and get started!

5. Receive final reports

Get the final report and ask any follow-up questions directly via chat.

Surveys, reinvented.


Select your partner from our list of pre-vetted vendors or let our algorithm match you.


Compare quotes from multiple vendors in one interface. Use the chat to ask any questions.


Run survey projects seamlessly via a user-friendly interface.


Share important findings with your colleagues. Create an internal survey library.

Surveys from A to Z.

Surveys are an excellent tool to quickly field-test your hypotheses or gain deeper understanding - but there are many pitfalls.

Survey projects are complex! If you lack the right tools, finding the right vendor, deciding on survey methodology and building a survey can be a nightmare.

Let Inex One’s digital survey solutions guide you through the entire process. Gain impactful insights, more efficiently.

Get smart about primary research.

Powerful project management

Maximize productivity, maintain pipeline visibility and mantain one source of truth.

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Expert network marketplace

Get matched with the best expert networks for your project. Gain unique insights from custom sourced experts.

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Compliance Tool

Monitor your firm's global expert network usage across all vendors, in real time. See the experts' profiles, biographies and responses to screening questions.

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Transcripts and knowledge management

Get free transcripts with every call. Use them to build an internal knowledge base and transcript library.

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