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Choose to have the calls transcribed, free of charge. Share transcripts internally - and start building your firm’s proprietary transcript library.

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Find content and transcripts by company name, expert title, market or industry. Access notes and expert ratings.


Keep your project data confidential or easily share it with your team and stakeholders.


After the call is done, play the recording and follow the transcript in our interactive player.

Powered up

Take your transcripts to the next level by having them cleaned and reviewed by a trained team of editors.

Learn how our customers run better projects.

Inex One enables customers everywhere to do smarter research. Get inspired by their processes.

“Inex One was way better than we had expected. The platform is easy to use and gave us access to great experts, fast. Inex One is a fresh improvement over the traditional expert networks.”
Giacomo SchwarzFounder at Veritic

Transcripts FAQ

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What does transcription cost?


Inex One includes high quality automated transcripts free of charge with every call.

 We charge $200 to review and clean a transcript by a trained team of editors.

What’s the difference between manual and automated transcripts?


Manual transcription involves humans listening to a recording, then typing the words into a document. Automated transcription uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to derive the transcript.

What is audio transcription?


Audio transcription is the process of converting speech from an audio file into written text. Transcription can be either manual or automated.

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Maximize productivity, maintain pipeline visibility and mantain one source of truth.

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Streamline surveys

Connect with multiple survey vendors in one place. Enjoy smooth workflows, price transparency, and all round better service.

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Expert network marketplace

Get matched with the best expert networks for your project. Gain unique insights from custom sourced experts.

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Compliance Tool

Monitor your firm's global expert network usage across all vendors, in real time. See the experts' profiles, biographies and responses to vetting questions.

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