Your very own transcript library.

Calls are transcribed and summarized, free of charge. Share transcripts and summaries internally - and build your firm’s proprietary transcript library.

Your internal knowledge base


Browse your library for insights across experts, companies and industries - in all your past projects.


Keep your project data confidential, shared only with the colleagues that you invite.


Revisit your insights as audio recording, AI summary, or a verbatim transcript.


Expert calls are transcribed using AI, including a summary of key insights.

Run better projects.

Inex One enables customers everywhere to do smarter research. Get inspired by their processes.

“Inex One's new AI summaries are best in class. They are much faster than the ones other networks are offering, very crisp and accurate enough to directly be shared with the team & partners.”
Nura OumranManager at CIL Management Consultants

Transcripts FAQ

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What does transcription cost?


Inex One includes high quality AI transcripts and summaries free of charge with every call.

What is audio transcription?


Audio transcription is the process of converting speech from an audio file into written text. At Inex One, it's done using modern LLM AI technology.

What is a transcript summary?


Key insights are extracted from your calls to generate executive summaries of each expert interview, using AI. The summary is automatically generated and available to you within minutes via email and on Inex One.

Improve your productivity.

See how other firms use Inex One to accelerate their business.

Get smart about primary research.

Powerful project management

Maximize productivity, maintain pipeline visibility and mantain one source of truth.

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Streamline surveys

Connect with multiple survey vendors in one place. Enjoy smooth workflows, price transparency, and all round better service.

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Expert network marketplace

Get matched with the best expert networks for your project. Gain unique insights from custom sourced experts.

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Compliance Tool

Monitor your firm's global expert network usage across all vendors, in real time. See the experts' profiles, biographies and responses to screening questions.

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