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Expert network usage survey

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Inex One regularly runs surveys to improve transparency and efficiency in the expert network industry. There is currently no survey that is open to responses. However, if you are interested in participating in future surveys, please send us a message here below.

Previous surveys:

January 2019
Topics: Procurement practices, price levels, usage trends, and handling of personal and confidential data.
Respondents: 31 Heads of research, who regularly evaluate and procure expert network services.
Other: Individual responses are anonymized. All participants who confirmed participation received a copy of the benchmark data. Benchmark data on pricing levels are only shared with survey participants; more generic details may be shared in articles.

June-July 2018
Topics: Usage patterns, pain points, service quality levels, scoring of expert networks.
Respondents: 123 Investment Professionals and Management Consultants, who regularly use expert networks.
Other: Individual responses are anonymized. Survey data published in articles.


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