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Dynata provides first-party data of users participating in member-based panels that the business organizes and maintains. Its headquarters are in Connecticut, USA, and was established in 1940. Dynata has a long history of various M&As of separate enterprises, which in 2019 underwent a rebranding to become Dynata.

It has a reach of more than 60 million people worldwide and a library of unique profile features gathered through surveys. The company provides data services and solutions to add the voice of the customer to different marketing aspects like market research, advertising, etc.

It provides the following services:

Data and Insights Platform, Survey Authoring, Audience Selection, Data Analytics & Reporting, Sharing & Publishing, Connected Data, Cross-platform Marketing ROI, Brand Health Tracking, Voice Services, B2C and B2B Data, Online Qualitative Research, Digital Ethnography, Survey Programming, Creative Testing, Online Surveys, DIY Surveys, and Online Research Panel

In the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, Dynata provides services to close to 6,000 market research businesses, media and advertising firms, consulting & investment companies, healthcare providers, and corporate clients.

The last funding round for Dynata was in 2015 for $440M via conventional debt by CPP Investments. It acquired Branded Research Inc and Optimus Analytics in 2022 and 2021, respectively.

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