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Norstat, a provider of data collection services with headquarters in Oslo, Norway, was established in 1997 and provides services to industry professionals who do market research. Over 2 million consumers from 19 different countries make up its panel network.

Norstat provides the following offerings:

  1. Full Service: Managing the data collection procedure from identifying the survey's target audience to presenting the results.

  2. Sample Only: Used whenever clients need assistance finding respondents from their target population but already have access to survey tools and internal resources. The service gives users information and analysis from Norstat's online consumer panels.

Norstat has made several acquisitions recently:

  1. Polling & Statistics (In Jan 2022): A data collection provider in Norway

  2. Userneeds (In Jan 2022): A data collection company in Nordics

  3. CG Research (In Oct 2021): A provider of market research participants in the Netherlands

  4. Testing Time (In Oct 2021): An automated recruiting service of test users for usability tests, interviews, workshops, focus groups, and surveys.

  5. BV (In Sep 2021): A data service provider for the research industry in the Netherlands.

  6. DMA Research A/S (In Sep 2021): A Danish market research company

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