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Syno International

Syno International, an IT and data firm with headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, was established in 2013 and specializes in the collection, processing, and reporting of data to help business decision-making.

It offers the following solutions:

  1. Collection and Management of People Data

    1. Syno assists businesses and organizations in creating communities and panels for revenue generation. They mainly deal with private online panels and panel networks, but they have also had success using social media, SMS, snail mail, QR codes, and CATI to collect data.

    2. Brand tracking, ad effectiveness, brand lift, and concept tests

  2. Data Solutions for Advertising and Media

    1. Campaign audience profiling

    2. Website audience profiling

    3. Campaign optimization

    4. Campaign impact evaluation

    5. Audience data enrichment

    6. Market data sets

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