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Run surveys efficiently on Inex One. Find the best survey provider for your project, stay on top of delivery and get insights fast.



Select your partner from our list of pre-vetted vendors, or let our algorithm match you with the most relevant one.


Compare prices and quotes from multiple vendors in one dashboard. One-click chat for any follow-up questions.


Run your survey projects seamlessly with your team in a user-friendly interface.

A simpler way to run surveys

1. Sign in

Access the Inex One platform here.

2. Request a Survey

Create your survey project brief and get matched with the best vendors.

3. Compare quotes

Compare quotes from all vendors, in one place.

4. Select vendor

Select the vendor that you wish to work with - and get going! Invite your colleagues to the project, and manage all communication with the vendors on the platform chat.

5. Receive final report

Get the survey responses back, and ask any follow-up questions directly in the chat.

From A to Z, in one place

Surveys can let you quickly field-test hypotheses or gain deeper understanding of a topic - but there are plenty of pitfalls. If you’ve ever managed a B2B survey project, you know how complex it can be. Finding the right vendor, choosing methodology and programming the survey can be a mess.

Inex One’s survey platform will guide you through the entire process, and helps your team to better insights fast.

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