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What is an Expert Network?

What is an Expert Network?


The expert network model explained

An expert network finds and recruites knowledgeable individuals for short consultations with parties seeking expert insights. In many ways, an expert network is comparable to job recruitment firms: it identifies experts to recruit for short consultation sessions (instead of full-time jobs). Most expert networks started in the last 10 years. GLG, typically referred to as the oldest expert network, started already in 1998.

Inex One creates transparency and efficiency in the industry. See our overview of the industry here.

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Top source of insights

Expert networks have emerged as an indispensable source of primary insights when doing investment research. Companies also increasingly use experts in regular strategy and business development work. With their services in great demand, expert networks have been very successful.

Importance of Expert Network calls in CDDs (Inex One)

Gold standard in due diligence Work

Investors and management consultants see expert calls as one of the most important sources of insights in investment research. The typical use case for expert calls is when doing commercial due diligence (CDD) work, but reasons vary. Typical customers are investment funds, consulting firms and strategy divisions of large corporates.

What is an Expert Network

a couple kinks to be resolved

Most large customers have contracts with multiple expert networks, to get a wide selection of experts. However, the use of multiple networks is limited by administrative costs and poor market transparency.

In addition, using multiple expert networks often violates personal data legislations (e.g. GDPR).


The future of expert insights

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The Inex One Expert Management System (EMS) creates transparency and efficiency around expert calls.

All parties stand to gain:

  • Current users can engage additional expert networks at zero marginal cost. They get a wide selection of experts, great transparency on expert quality, and overall lower costs.

  • New users - previously discouraged by high transaction costs - can access and benefit from a top source of insights.

  • High-performing expert networks get due appreciation and business volumes, versus complacent incumbents.

  • Experts benefit from higher business volumes when their knowledge is in demand.

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