23 Aug 2022

2022 Benchmark of Expert Network users

Inex One and Integrity Research invite all users of expert networks to our 2022 benchmark on expert network usage. The survey covers service quality, pricing, speed of service, usage trends and preferences across all vendors.

The research is divided in two parts:

  1. Expert Network Users (investment professionals, strategy consultants, market research teams). Please take the survey here.

  2. Directors of Research - a separate benchmark for decision-makers who administer their firms' usage of vendors. All participants get the aggregate data to use for their own vendor assessments. This is invite-only/ contact us for an invitation.

Our previous surveys of private equity investors and strategy consultants (2018) and Directors of Research (2019) brought a new understanding of the expert network industry. They in turn build on the first-ever survey on expert networks, by Integrity Research in 2009.