Compliance tool

Protect your firm.

Empower your compliance team by giving them full oversight of global expert network usage across all vendors.

Next level compliance.

Full overview.

Keep track of all your projects in an easy-to-use interface. Review expert profiles, biographies and responses to screening questions.

Fully adaptable.

Implement rules and add screening questions according to your firm’s unique compliance protocol.

Full control.

All communication between your team and the expert networks in one place. Plus, get notified when you need to take action.

Flexible setup.

Compliance matters. Inex One offers robust 
out-of-the-box tools that are quick to set up and easy to use, and that scales with your team.

Full compliance at your fingertips.

Inex One's compliance system is the most technologically advanced in the industry. Our system allows clients to avoid soliciting confidential information from experts and to control what, if any, information about the client is shared with experts.

Experience a secure and efficient way to keep track of projects and ensure compliance.

Compliance at every step

1. A project is created

Your compliance team gets notified on the platform and over email.

2. Compliance team reviews project

In this step, tailored compliance screening questions and rules for automatic approval/rejection of experts can be added.

3. Invite expert networks

The expert networks review the project description and compliance requirements, then start sourcing experts.

4. Review profiles

Set up rules to notify the compliance team when experts that meet a defined set of criteria are added.

5. Approve experts

Calls can be scheduled once an expert has been approved by the compliance team.

An industry leading compliance program.

Our rigorous compliance program ensures confidentiality and safety for all parties. Contact us to learn more.

Get smart about primary research.

Powerful project management

Maximize productivity, maintain pipeline visibility and mantain one source of truth.

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Streamline surveys

Connect with multiple survey vendors in one place. Enjoy smooth workflows, price transparency, and all round better service.

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Expert network marketplace

Get matched with the best expert networks for your project. Gain unique insights from custom sourced experts.

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Transcripts and knowledge management

Get free transcripts with every call. Use them to build an internal knowledge base and transcript library.

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