Market opportunity assessment: expert network industry


A global management consulting firm wanted to conduct a market study on the expert network industry. 

They were looking for experts who could speak to the growth drivers, user buying behavior, and service provider positioning to understand the market attractiveness for potential investors. The client needed:

  • 40 expert interviews

  • 2 continents to analyze (Europe and North America)

  • 3-week deadline.


Our proprietary algorithm matched the requirements with four specialized expert networks:

  1. Zintro - A global generalist with a large network

  2. Nodes - A global specialist

  3. Focal Fact - A global player with a niche in the tech

  4. Ridgetop Research - A generalist with expertise in North America. 

Multiple client team members collaborated on the Inex One platform to review and interview experts from 187 profiles submitted by the networks. Some of the profiles were:

  • Chief Operating Officer,

  • Chief Strategy Officer, and

  • Former CEO/President.


Inex One helped facilitate the required calls to provide the client with an in-depth analysis of the industry and the needed insights.