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KnowledgeX is an expert network headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The firm works with 3 main client types: startups, consultancies and investment firms. The founder of KnowledgeX has a background in the capital markets industry and has worked with providing financial consulting for a number of major banks in Ireland. Wide knowledge of the industry makes KnowledgeX particularly strong at recruiting experts specialized in finance.

The firm does not rely on a pre-vetted expert database and does custom recruiting for every project. Their main service is the standard 1-hour expert call but depending on the client's need the firm also arranges in-person meetings, surveys and longer term expert engagements.

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Silverlight Research is an expert network based in London. It was founded in November 2017 by a former Morgan Stanley investment manager.

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Focal Fact

Focal Fact is an expert network headquartered in Ireland, with offices in Singapore and the US. Focal Fact was started in 2019 by former GLG managers, among them one of the global top-performers in GLG. The company offers expert network and recruitment services worldwide.

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LB Networks is an expert network headquartered in London. LB Networks was started in 2018, with one team member having experience from Silverlight Research.

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