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Monocl is an expert network focused on medical experts and medical key opinion leaders. As it is not native to the expert network industry, Monocl describes itself as a cloud-based stakeholder platform although the use cases and clients are directly matching those of other expert networks. Monocl is machine-driven, analyzing large datasets to find relevant experts. Over three funding rounds, it has raised a total of approx. $4,5 m.

1st funding round of 8 msek in December 2015.

2nd funding round of 5 msek in January 2017.

3rd funding round of €3 m in July 2019.

Learn more about machine-driven expert networks in our AI deepdive: AI and expert networks.

Visit Monocl’s website or read more about different expert network models.

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FirstThought is a mid-sized expert network headquartered in New York. The company was founded in 2020 by former managers at Guidepoint managers, focusing on the life sciences and healthcare industries. FirstThought has grown quickly and today ranks among the leading healthcare-focused expert networks.

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Bioinformatics Inc is a research and advisory firm operating an expert network business area. Bioinformatics was founded in 1994.

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