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Located in New York, NewtonX is a B2B research platform. A group of three people with experience in top consulting and technology organizations formed the company in 2016.

NewtonX provides the following services:

  1. Quantitative Surveys: From coding to fielding, end-to-end worldwide survey capabilities

  2. Qualitative 1:1 Consultation: One-on-one phone consultations

  3. Online Communities: Groups that have been created for senior leaders in related roles across several functions

  4. NewtonX Q3 Formula: 1:1 interviews that provide data for a survey to test preliminary findings broadly. Following that, clients can contact specific prospects to continue the conversation.

  5. Long-term consultations

To identify relevant profiles, NewtonX uses a proprietary, AI-driven search (NewtonX Knowledge Graph) that searches 1.1 billion professionals across 140 sectors.

The company has raised $47M with its latest Series B round of $32M in Dec 2021.

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